Vivo V9 Ulasan Sekilas, Perlu-kah DiBeli?

04.05.2018 · Posted in Gadget

Minggu lalu, di akhir bulan Maret 2018.. Saya dikejutkan dengan sama-nya program TiVi di malam hari pada tiap channel… MNCtv, RCTI, bahkan TVRI… Yang menayangkan semacam grand launching suatu smartphone dengan nama Vivo V9.

Hehe, modal kuat nih Vivo V9…

Seperti biasa, langsung penasaran lah… ini jari langsung mengetik di opera mini yang terinstal di Oppo 3001 kesayangan.

Searching punya searching…

Beginilah kira-kira spesifikasi si Vivo V9 ini:

Jaringan : 4G LTE (sudah pasti, musti ini mah)
Pakai Dual SIM (Nano-SIM, dual stand-by)
DISPLAY : IPS LCD ukuran 6.3 inchi, (1080 x 2280 pixels,,~400 ppi density)
Beratnya : 150 gram
PLATFORM : Udah OS Android 8.1 (Oreo)
Chipset : Qualcomm Snapdragon 450 (Octa-core 2.2 GHz Cortex-A53, GPU Adreno 506)
MEMORY : Internal 64 GB, 4 GB RAM
CAMERA depan : ada 2 coy.. 16 MP + 5 MP, f/2.0, dual-LED flash
CAMERA belakang : 24 MP, f/2.0
Ada colokan 3.5mm jack
Bisa USB OTG (On-The-Go)
Ada Sensors Fingerprint (di belakang)
BATRE : Li-Ion 3260 mAh (tanam)
Warna tersedia : Colors Gold, Black
Harga : Rp 3.999.000 (harga di Bukalapak per 5 April 2018)

Menarik? Ah biasa saja ternyata 😀

Untuk yang kurang paham dengan spesifikasi Vivo V9 diatas, secara halus begini lho:

  1. Hape ini mempunyai ukuran yang besar,
  2. Memiliki kecepatan pemrosesan yang ajib…
  3. Bakal agak susah dipegang karena ukuran nya yang besar
  4. Memori nya gede… ga pasang microSD juga ga apa apa..
  5. Kamera total ada 3, megapixelnya GUDE bos…
  6. Kamera depan support banget buat Selfie…

Cukup Jelas-kah?

Kalo engga, bisa lihat video berikut:

Nah, sekarang kira-kira yang ada dipikiran kamu,,,???

Perlu-kah Di Beli ni Hape?

Untuk yang suka nonton film Korea atau Donlot Film atau nonton di Hape pakai aplikasi penyedia film, Vivo V9 ini COcok buat kamu…

Untuk yang suka Selfie… Vivo V9 ini COcok buat kamu… Karena kamera depan lumayan bagus dan kamu bisa simpan foto.. buaaanyaaaaak banget disini… Vivo V9 ini COcok buat kamu…

Untuk yang suka main game di Hape, karena kecepatan dan tenaga di HaPe ini udah ajib… Vivo V9 ini COcok buat kamu…

Udah ah, segitu aja ya….

Eh, koq ga ada foto HaPenya?
Ini dah.. beberapa.. bisa di pelototin… Klik Aja Biar Gedeee ya…

Vivo V9 Tampak Miring

Vivo V9 Tampak Depan dan Belakang

Ternyata, Vivo V9 Tampak Bagus juga ya…. 😀

So, Perlu-kah Di Beli? Kita serahkan keputusan di dompet kamu ya… hehehe…

NB: sedikit tambahan, ini ada review teman di luar negeri yang kamerin udah beli:

Bought this phone on 29th March. Best phone ever I think. I have been using Galaxy S8 as well but on this price range this is the best option and phone in the market. Battery, screen and performance everything is perfect. I highly recommend this phone.


Got this phone since the day it was launched (30th March). Here are the pros and cons that I can summarise of…

– Huge gorgeous screen with notch with pleasant display brightness & colour output
– Very light (150gm) for this kind of size.
– Ringtone is loud and clear.
– I love the keypad which having a Number Row above and text prediction is also very good.
– Yes! It came with 3.5 jack!! (i never favour wireless)
– Earpiece is clear from the other end
– SD626 gives fluid experience so far. No lack, no hiccups and no stuttering experience (maybe because it’s running on Oreo?)
– Camera result is quite good especially on daylight…although it doesn’t focus as fast as the dual pixel sensor e.g. S7/S7edge onwards. Bokeh effect comes in handy for those who wanna have some creative/artistic shots.
– Camera UI resembling iOS-ish a lot. Swipe to change shooting modes.
– Battery life is good…or shall I say, very good!
– Card slot is brilliant! 2 for nano sims and 1 as dedicated for memory card!
– Finger print reading is fast…very fast!
– Very minimal bloatware…usually are those bundled a long by vivo’s default apps but it’s kept within fingers can count.
– GPS lock is quite instant.
– Good sounding on earphone. You can choose some earpiece simulator from vivo’s range for different kinda sounding…basically it’s like a preset EQ.
– App Cloning! So far only WhatsApp, Facebook, WeChat…

– Camera don’t have much settings to play with. Way too simple straightforward & less interesting. Although Manual mode is quite handy for certain situations.
– Camera sometimes having difficulties on lowlight condition, experiencing hit-or-miss but not always. Unless you shoot with ‘Touch to CaptureÂ’
– Dynamic range could be better (but not an issue, depends on your creativity)
– Camera does not ON instantly but not so bad after all.
– USB Type C…no big deal but for those who has invested a lot on conventional micro usb cables…time to get some Type C for your home and workplace!
– Unable to remove some unwanted apps (a few from Google to be list with)
– Hard to find accessories for it in my country…aarrgghh!!
– Fingering magnet if you don’t use cover! Thank god it came with one though.
– Unable to use latest apps…for instant example, Facebook, it is 2 version behind the latest. Not sure for the rest. So i’m using an FB that is 2 versions behind the latest one now.
– Keyboard not as fluid as Samsung/iPhone. If you type too quick, it may ‘lagging’ a tiny bit.
– The bulging rear camera looks like very prone to scratches especially in the pocket or on the table. So far mine still OK…not sure after a while of usage.

My final conclusion, this phone is quite capable for a mid-tier line up. Do not expect it to work like a flagship although it look very much like a flagship. Since I’m not a heavy gamer nor heavy user, so it can easily last a day before hunting for charger. Unless you want something more powerful and don’t wanna spend much, just go for a pre-owned S7 Edge or Mate 9. Both are at its highest spec in its class with about the same price as the brand new Vivo v9.